Agile 2015


On Thursday August 6, we played the Product Owner Value Game for the first time outside Europe. Because this game was developed with the help of the Agile Community, it seemed logical to bring it to The Place where the most Agilista’s gather: the Agile 2015 conference in Washington D.C.

Dajo Breddels and Paul Kuijten presented the game during their session at (see During this session they explained:

  • A little bit about the process of designing the game
  • What Value might mean
  • The rules of the game

After this it was time to actually play the game with ten groups of 9/10 people

The session was concluded the with some questions and answers

Participants were asked to give some feedback about the game and how it can be improved.

The Agile 2015 presentation can be found here

Agile 2015 Presentation

The presentation used in the session at Agile 2015